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Wellcamp Fly In

Updated: May 30, 2022

On Saturday 26th March, 13 aircraft from Lone Eagle Flying School flew to Wellcamp Airport for breakfast and to visit the QANTAS Pilot Academy.

It was a fantastic morning and with wonderful hospitality extended to us.

It was a privilege to be able to fly in and be shown around the amazing campus at Flight Training Adelaide and to see first hand the scope of the operations and the remarkable facilities available. The very interesting talks given by Colin and Charles allowed us to start to appreciate the complexity and scope of the training programs on offer to our future pilots. A lot of pilots from LEFS have commented on the absolute dedication and motivation of the students to undergo such a rigorous regimen.

As pilots, we really enjoyed being shown the simulators and the beautiful aircraft. We must also make a special mention of the FTA students who so generously gave up their time from very demanding schedules to help show us around. They were so welcoming and attentive and happy to be involved with us, answer our questions and just talk aviation. They are an absolute credit to Flight Training Adelaide and wonderful ambassadors.

Photo credits: Trevor Bange & Dieter Hitchins (copyright)


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