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The Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc and the Lone Eagle Flying School recognise the efforts of volunteer Club Members for their contribution to the Club as well as their achievements with reaching their own milestones and goals.

There are 3 perpetual Trophies:

  • The John J Bange Memorial Trophy Encouragement Award

  • The Vic Noll Memorial Trophy, for Outstanding Achievement 

  • The Tom Wall Memorial Shield, for Exceptional Volunteering


Life Membership is also awarded to recognise Members that excel in service to the Club.

Janet Bange Hangar Memorial Plaque



Trevor BANGE


Frank MENGEL (dec’d)

Ronald (Ron) MUIR

Anthony (Tony) PERRETT (dec’d)








Janet BANGE (awarded posthumous)

DDSAA Life Membership shield

John J Bange
Memorial Trophy

Encouragement Award

This award was set up in recognition of John Bange for his devotion to aviation from 1932 and the founding of the “AVIADELL GLIDING CLUB”.


John was instrumental is teaching a number of glider pilots in the 1930’s  and fostering many pilots to realise their dreams and achieve their personal goals in aviation.

John J Bange Memorial Trophy

Award Recipients

2004        Aaron ROESSLER

2005        Geoffrey NIELSEN

2006        Clive NIELSEN

2007        Chesley PRIEBBENOW

2008        David ANDERSON

2009        Ian MUTZELBURG

2010        Kylie HENRY

2011        Kevin McGRATH

2012        Danilo PETROVIC

2013        Mick JAHNKE

2014        Ben VALDERRAMA

2015        Mitchell WATSON

2016        Karl SCHULTZ

2017        Jim McKENZIE

2018        Benjamin WHITBY

2019        Aaron HANDFORD

2020        Not awarded due to COVID

2021        Dave DONALD

2022        Rebecca Hallahan

2023        Narelle McBride

Vic Noll
Memorial Trophy

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award was set up in recognition of one of the founders of our Club, Vic Noll, who passed away due to ill health. 


Vic Noll was devoted to the club and its ethos and this award was presented to the club by his family in memory of Vic Noll to recognise a member who has achieved a particular milestone related to aviation.

Vic Noll Memorial Trophy

Award Recipients

1980    Brian HIGGINS - Gyrocopters

1982    John BANGE - 13/03/32 to 13/03/82   50 Years of Flying

1992    John BANGE - 13/03/32 to 13/03/92   60 Years of Flying

1995    Ron MUIR - Multiple Homebuilt Construction

1998    Ron MUIR - Corby Starlet Project

2001    Edward BROOME - “Murphy Rebel” Construction

2002    John & Lynn BACON - Builders of Jabiru 19-3664

2003    Trevor BANGE - CFI Lone Eagle Flying School

2004    Helena MORTON - Challenges in Flight

2005    Ray BAINES - Karatoo Project

2006    Daniel KING - Challenges in Flying

2007    Glenn BRUGGEMANN - Jabiru Construction, President 2002-2007

2008    Jim BENN - Service to the Club    

2009    Berniece STEWART - Secretarial Duties

2010    Barry VENAMORE - 5 Aircraft Constructions        

2011    Walter SITZWOHL - Club Service   

2012    Kevin McGRATH - Solo Flight

2013    Trevor BANGE -  50 years of Flying, RAAus Board

2014    Clive NIELSEN - President

2015    Russel DENYER - Aircraft Construction

2016    James BANGE - Digital media PR

2017    Craig BAINBRIDGE - Aircraft Maintenance 

2018    Michael FLEMING - Club Involvement

2019    Janet BANGE - Making Family of Members

2020    Ben WHITBY - Outstanding Volunteering

2021    Carol BROWNE- Becoming a Pilot

2022    Trevor BANGE OAM - Award for 60 years contribution to aviation

2023    Aaron Handford - Exceeding Aircraft Maintenance Expectations

Tom Wall
Memorial Shield

For Exceptional Volunteering

“For those who give with nothing to gain but Friendship”

  • This award honours and recognises an exceptional Volunteer who has demonstrated significant contribution in helping the club at special events or projects or day to day activities

  • This Award is open to a person who has helped the  Club meet the week to week expectations of its members

  • The recipient strives to act above and beyond their expected voluntary positions

  • They Champion a cause to raise awareness or funds for a particular event or cause

  • They are a positive role model for other Club Members

  • They bring expertise and knowledge to their volunteer role

  • They give encouragement to others in the Club

  • They are a volunteer who works behind the scenes

  • The President, CFI and past winner decide the award recipient.

Tom Wall Memorial Shield

Award Recipients

2019   Wayne LANGLEY

2020   Fiona GAMBASIN (nee Bange)

2021   Mervyn HODGES and Anne LINCOLN

2022   Graham Hawthorne

2023   Richard Wunsch

Lone Eagle Flying School Student of the Year 

Award Criteria

  • A student pilot/pilot who has been a LEFS student in the current year.

  • Has shown exemplary enthusiasm, dedication and commitment to their flying training

  • Has actively engaged with the learning process

  • Has willing volunteered and contributed to club activities

  • Recipient to be determined by majority committee decision.

Lone Eagle Flying School Student of the Year trophy

Award Recipients

2022   Richard Wunsch and Steve Ure

2023   Brent Arnold

Australia Day Award

In 2017 the Lone Eagle Flying School was honoured with an Australia Day Award for "Clifton Community Group of the Year", in recognition of outstanding community service, encourageing community participation and demonstrating Australian values.

Australia Day award 2017
Australia Day Award 2017
Trevor Bange OAM in the Clifton Courier

Trevor Bange OAM

In the Queen's Birthday List Honours in June 2022, Trevor Bange, our CFI, Treasurer and Life member, was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia.


This prestigious award was conferred for his decades of tireless and selfless dedication to Aviation. His contribution has spanned all sectors of the industry and he is universally acknowledged as a collaborative expert in the field.


Trevor has worked assiduously to represent our interests and preserve our privileges as aviators at all administrative levels from club through to state and national regulatory bodies.

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