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The Lone Eagle Flying School, operated by the Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. delivers safe, affordable, recreational aviation for all. 


Before any flight in a training aircraft can commence, temporary, free RAAus membership must be obtained. This is done online and is valid for 3 hours flight training which must be completed in 3 months.  It is recommended that 3 hours training are completed prior to applying for your Student Pilot’s Certificate which is done on line. 


The basic training aircraft we use are the well respected and recognised Drifter aircraft, the Jabiru J160 and Jabiru J230. All of these aircraft are used not only for basic training but also for conversions, cross country training and private hire. All the club aircraft are available for private hire to qualified club members. All students and pilots are required to be members of Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) and the Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. / Lone Eagle Flying School.

Learn to fly


The minimum flying time required for an RAAus pilot’s certificate is 20 hours. Over time it has been found that most pilots take longer than the 20 hours, as the training is competency based. Students generally average approximately 30 hours. Pilots can also receive an endorsement for passenger carrying. 


The minimum flying time for a Cross Country endorsement is an additional 10 hours. It has been found that with the advancement of aircraft performance, extra hours are required to meet the syllabus requirements. Multiple cross country training flights are therefore necessary to achieve the required cross country standard. Most students average approximately twenty to twenty five hours for their cross country endorsement.


Ever wondered what it would be like to learn to fly? Book an Air Experience Flight with one of our experienced instructors and see if flying is for you.


Pilots are required to sign a Declaration of Health, to the effect that their health standard is equivalent to that required for the issue of a private vehicle driver's license.


Purchase a Lone Eagle Flying School Gift Card for a special person and give them a short introduction to recreational flying over the beautiful Darling Downs.


A signed Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. / Lone Eagle Flying School indemnity form is also required along with a Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Association Inc. membership application form.



"About twenty years ago I brought my then young son and daughter to your fly-in. Very generously a pilot there flew us over Clifton and Allora (we lived on the old Allora-Warwick Rd back then) and wouldn’t accept any remuneration at all. My son was able at the age of 8 to sit in the front and have everything patiently explained.


Twenty years on he (Rob) is now a pilot with RFDS WA and has just completed PC24 training in Houston USA.


A month or so we asked Rob when his passion for flying started and he told us he decided the day of the flight back in the early 2000s that this was what he was going to do. So even though I don’t know the details of who took us up that day THANK YOU. The fly in abs generosity back then still reaps benefits today.


Now and back then - the little fellow in the front"

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