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The Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Assn. Inc. and the Lone Eagle Flying School Youth Flying Scholarship was set up in 2004 with a view to encouraging younger people into aviation.  


Our overall membership was ageing and we were looking for younger members. We also felt that the scholarship was a way that our Club could give something back to the community, in recognition of all the funding that has been received by us over the years from various sources.


The aim of the Scholarship is to train pilots through to pilot certificate issue. We allocate about $ 7,500 per year for the Scholarship program.


The RAAus Giving Young Flyers Training Support (GYFTS) Scholarship program was originally  based on the Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Assn. Inc. Youth Flying Scholarship.

We have over 85% completion rate of our Scholarship Program with Scholarship winners gaining their Pilot's Certificates.

The last few years we have been unable to run the scholarship program due to Covid.

Previous Winners

  • 2005 Winner - Samantha Hodges from Toowoomba

  • 2006 Winner - Andrew McPherson from Toowoomba

  • 2007 Winner - Chris Reinke from Warwick

  • 2008 Winner - Alana Frizzell from Allora

  • 2009 Winner - Logan Norris from Toowoomba

  • 2010 Winner - Nicholas Delany from Toowoomba

  • 2011 Winner - Sarah Gretton from Vale View

  • 2012 Winner - Benjamin Valderrama from Toowoomba

  • 2013 Winner - Emily Coggan from Meandarra

  • 2014 Winner - BJ Scherwin from Clifton

  • 2015 Winner - Mitchell Watson from Toowoomba

  • 2016 Winner - Catherine Thompson from Toowoomba

  • 2018 Winner - Kiara Vandersee from Toowoomba

Some of the Scholarship participants that have gone on to further their aviation career:


  • Rory Baartz  - Virgin pilot

  • Candice Priebbenow - Military pilot

  • Andrew Macpherson - QANTAS pilot

  • Logan Norris – Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, Commercial pilot and GA Instructor

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