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The Clifton airfield was first established on 13th March 1932 when John Bange first flew his own designed and built primary Zogling Glider “Azure Star” and established the “Aviadell Gliding Club", which operated until the 7th September 1948.


The airfield continued to operate post war for aircraft and the first permanently based general aviation aircraft was the ex Sir Reginald Ansett 1936 vintage Porterfield aircraft that arrived at the airfield on the 8th April 1955.


The Darling Downs Sport Aircraft Ass. Inc. made Clifton their “home airfield” in about 1982, with a yearly Fly-In being conducted in March each year since then to commemorate the first flight of the glider.


In 2001 the small airfield was upgraded from 450 metres to 800 metres long allowing for larger aircraft. It was realigned and the approach was made safer.


On 14th December 2002 the Clifton airfield became the home of the newly formed Lone Eagle Flying School.

As well as flying school activity and fly ins, every 4 years the airfield also hosts a large Scout Jamboree.

Lone Eagle Flying School front gate signs
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