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Pilot Career

Sam Mayall had his very first solo with us at Lone Eagle Flying School in a J160. He has now made his dream of an aviation career come true with his new position as an Ag Pilot at Precision Aerial.

Here is Sam's story in his own words...

Over the years I have seen and spoken to so many people who think flying is some distant mythical being , which can only be tamed if you have the right bank manager.

2023 kick started with a dream come true. Many years ago on the downs of Arraloma, I got to watch my Dad come home with his white shirt and epaulettes after taining for his commerical pilot's license, and then go on to be mentored by the people in the ag aviation industry. Well, all these years later, after spending countless weekends with Lynette Zuccoli and Wayne Milburn at Aerotec Qld, cementing the passion by being able to work on some legendary aircraft and get given the opprtunity to attend lots of memorable shows in the back of t-28's and Nanchangs, Lone Eagle flying School for giving me my first solo in the very forginging J160 and @flywithteam for geting me CPL ready, I finally completd my ag-rating and stepped into a Thrush PT6. The most surreal feeling I've ever had, that will stick with me for a lifetime. I can't thank Whistle, Fiona and Precision Aerial enough for giving me the most amazing opportuinty and can't wait to get stuck in.

Lone Eagle gave me the foundation that I have used every time since I flew with you for the first time. Nothing has changed, just the pre flights! I would love to bring this machine to the June Fly-In, so work pending, I'll see what I can do! Just wanted to say thank you again, May not seem like much, but a life's achievement as an AG pilot started with you, and I think that's important that people realise that they don't necessarily need to go to the fanciest flying school, they can achieve whatever they want to be, starting with RAAUS.

Sam Mayall

AG Pilot

Sam Mayall AG Pilot with a Thrush PT6


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