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Live Webinar for Pilots

Live webinar - Cracking the code - weather for pilots

CASA live webinar for Pilots 28 November

Tuesday 28 November - 12pm AEDT

What does it mean for your flight when you see PROB INTER and TEMPO in the weather forecast? Are you sure of the rules around alternates? Join CASA's free AvSafety webinar and get the answers to these questions and many more in a special Q&A session with a senior aviation forecaster from the Bureau of Meteorology. The session will include:

  • Demystifying INTER and TEMPO

  • The rules around alternates

  • TAF updates

  • Shallow fog

  • The difference between FM and BCMG

Tune in online to crack the weather codes and ask your questions - all in just 45 minutes.

A recording of the event will be added to the pilot safety hub and will be available on YouTube. For more information, visit CASA's pilot safety hub.

Tune in and stay a while!

CASA has partnered with Credly to reward webinar participants with a digital badge.

Register to attend and join the webinar for the entire duration to be eligible to receive a digital badge. Digital badges recognise your commitment to continuous learning as a pilot.

Learn more about digital badges on the CASA website.


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