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Going Solo at Clifton Airfield

It is always such an aviation milestone to take your first solo flight. At Lone Eagle Flying School we love taking our students on the journey to achieve this major goal.

Recently we had 2 students go solo:

Rebecca from Gatton went solo on 25th June 2022. Rebecca has completed two years of her university Aviation Degree. She commenced flying training early this year in a Cessna 172. Rebecca is looking to advance and broaden her horizons in aviation, so she continued her flight training with RAAus, flying in a Jabiru J160. Her next goal is a pilot's certificate and flying cross country in the near future.

Billy from Maclagan, started training in the Jabiru J160 early in 2022. Billy has a lot of chair flying experience on flight simulators. He has a long term desire to be able to fly and go by air to the various horse competitions that he attends. Billy went solo on 22nd June 2022.

Congratulations to both of these students on such a major milestone, we wish them well in their aviation careers and personal journeys. We also look forward to welcoming more students to help them gain the experience and confidence to fly solo.


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