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Gliders Outlanding Weekend

News from the Darling Downs Soaring Club:

Darling Downs Soaring Club Inc will be having their first outlanding training weekend on 13-14 May. They will be visiting Clifton airfield as part of this exercise. They are still finalising some details but a rough agenda as follows:

Saturday 13th

  • morning briefing with outlanding training session

  • group fly away to Clifton - those requiring an outlanding check can do this in a 2-seater, single seaters welcome to come too

  • Tug/s to meet us at Clifton for a stopover lunch then a flight back home

  • BBQ dinner at DDSC

Some RAAus members of Clifton (Lone Eagle Flying School) will be there for lunch and to take a look at the gliders.

Sunday 14th

It is Mother's Day so - an early start spot landing competition - expecting to wrap up mid-morning so regular flying can resume or you can go home early.... There will be prizes for the spot landing comp.

There will be a small cost split between anyone participating to cover tug ferry costs which we will work out and split on the day. Of course as always this is weather dependant so we will be flexible if we need.

Register here if you are interested in participating. First in best dressed for training.

A glider aircraft in a field of stubble


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