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Clifton Fly In 2022

This year's annual Fly In was very popular! It was a chilly but perfect winter's morning for flying. We had over 50 aircraft and over 100 people joining us for breakfast on the Clifton Airfield.

The aircraft line stretched down the strip on either side with a great array of aircraft on display. There were a mix of VH and RAAus registered aircraft present. Vintage aircraft included the DH82 Tiger Moth, DH60 Gypsy Moth, the 1936 Porterfield and the 1938 Waco. There were classic Pipers and Cessnas, also Drifters and the popular Jabirus.

There was a great atmosphere and plenty of catching up with friends and other aircraft enthusiasts. Many thanks to everyone who volunteered to make this a successful morning!

See our website gallery for more photos from the day.


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