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ADS-B Government Rebate Program

Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS-B) Broadcast Rebate Program

Grants of up to $5,000 to increase the uptake of ADS-B equipment in Australian–registered aircraft to improve safety and efficiency for Australian airspace users are now open.

Grant closes on 31st May.

ADSB takes human error out of the picture when it comes to judging airspace visibility. Even in remote areas without radar coverage, having an ADSB-capable transponder installed ensures your aircraft can be accurately tracked by air traffic control centres and other aircraft. Adoption of ADSB technology has been mandated for instrument flight rules (IFR) aircraft and is expected to become mandatory for visual flight rules (VFR) aircraft.

Microair has a new ADSB Transponder Features include:

  • Enhanced visibility – to both other aircraft and Air Traffic Control

  • Compact design in one unit – enables simple, ready to go, plug and play installation

  • Seamless integration of GPS position source and altitude encoder – no further configuration or purchases required.

To find out more visit their website.


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