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Upcoming Date Claimers

This is an interim newsletter to update to advise of upcoming date claimers.


Clifton Country Week

Saturday October 21 (this Saturday)

Some members will have a plane on display in the main street and be available answer questions from 7.00am.

Please call in if you are passing by.

Next Club Meeting

Saturday October 28 – 10.00am

Followed by an information session about the use of OzRunways at 11.00am.

A BBQ will follow the presentation.

Club Christmas Party

Saturday December 9.

More details to follow.

Flying High

From the Darling Downs Sports Aircraft Association

Committee Positions Recently Filled at the AGM

President: Craig Bainbridge

Vice President: Ben Whitby

Secretary: Carol Browne

Treasurer: Trevor Bange

Committee Members: Aaron Handford, Richard Wunsch, Dave Donald

A full update of all positions will be in the next newsletter

Any contributions for the newsletter please contact:

Rex or Narelle McBride

Ph 0403 494 612


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